NOTE: I've started to play solo with programmed drums. Here's my first solo track:


I'm still looking for a drummer! Onto the ad:

Music Waste 

Music Waste 

Guitarist Seeks Drummer


Hi, my name's Ben, I played guitar in a noisy two-piece on the West Coast that mixed Lightning Bolt's fuzzed out bombast with Godspeed You Black Emperor's cinematic scope. The drummer quit and I'd like to continue the band in NYC. 

This is the last song we recorded together:

The pitch shifted, chant-along vocals that are buried in the mix near the end, are a style I'd like to keep developing on future tracks. Essentially, Dan Deacon's childlike exuberance crossed with Japandroids' bromantic call and response. 

Here's a track with vocals higher in the mix. It's a cover, but I think faithfully captures the band's vibe:

And finally, here's a live clip of us from a while back, to give you an idea of the type of show I want to play:

Basically, intense and crazy but fun and uplifting. We'll be the electric outlet the audience can stick their finger in to really get the party going.

The band will have a new name, since there's already a Boogie Monster in Brooklyn. I'm down to collaborate on the new name and new material but wanted to rehearse old songs to start playing live asap. If that sounds good, hit me up at:



More recordings here:

First album:

Demos for 2nd album: